Apoorv Reddy

I’m currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Google India, Bangalore since December 2021. Before this, (in reverse chronological order), I was:

  • Staff MLE at Walmart Labs, where I was working on recommender systems. (May 2019 - Dec 2021)
  • Research engineer at Big Data Labs, American Express and worked on cool things such as online learning for fraud prevention, representation learning using neural nets and outlier detection. (Nov 2016 - Apr 2019)
  • Data Scientist at CognitiveScale, where I worked on building restricted domain dialog systems.
  • Dual Degree Student at IIIT Hyderabad. My MS Thesis was on Query-By-Example Spoken Term Detection (in low-resource languages.)


Dec 21, 2021 Joined Google India as an MLE.
Jul 2, 2020 Paper on detecting data pollution attacks on recommender systems, accepted at ICML EcoPaDL workshop !

selected publications

  1. On Detecting Data Pollution Attacks On Recommender Systems Using Sequential GANs
    Shahrasbi, Behzad, Mani, Venugopal,  Arrabothu, Apoorv Reddy and 3 more authors
    ICML EcoPaDL Workshop 2020